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Right up until the time I first walked into a cowboy church, I honestly thought I was a born-again believer of Jesus Christ. As a child, I was hauled to church on a semi-regular basis, enrolled in confirmation classes, and sprinkled when I finished them. Even as an adult sitting in a local traditional church, I never stopped to question whether I was actually saved or just had a head-knowledge of Christ.

In 2005, a series of personal events led me and my family to visit Cross Brand Cowboy Church in Tyler, Texas, where the folks were enthusiastic and friendly, the music had a country flair, and the preachin' was honest and plain-spoken. I was hooked. After just a couple of weeks I began questioning my salvation, and I bowed my head and accepted Christ right there in my seat at Cross Brand Cowboy Church. I followed in baptism a few weeks later and shortly thereafter we started our first Men's Round Pen. Much of my early growth is due to that time spent studying for each week's meeting and great mentoring from its leader.

I plugged in and went to work on several teams during the next few years, served as a Lay Pastor, and eventually began preaching at other churches. God used these occasions to spark a new hunger in my heart, and so my wife and I began praying for God to move us where He wanted us. Today, I preach a simple, plain-spoken message of God's truth to the folks that show up at Branded by Christ Cowboy Church. I'd sure be honored if you'd visit us sometime and see what God has for you here.


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Branded by Christ Cowboy Church
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David Sanford - Pastor

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